Week 4 Eitan

Hello everyone!
Today we will tell you about our last summer vacation.
My last vacation was in Greece, we went there by a ship.
We didn’t do anything special we just sailed and saw some ruins .
It was a little trip with my family.
This summer we want to fly to Europe and visit some countries
I hope we will get good time
Hope I will continue talking with you in my free time=]
If you want you can send me your facebook address or something ….

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  1. Hi Eitan:
    This summer I will be going to Massachusettes for a few weeks. After that I will be going to Orlando for a week.

    My favorite summer memory was when I was in 3rd grade and I went on a cruise. There was rock climbing, surfing, and other stuff. I made a lot of friends and I am still in contact with some of them.

    Have a great summer.