Hadar & Amit (to Brian) Week 4

Hello Brian,
We're sorry that we didn't write last week, and now this is the last week to write to you. It was a little time to talk but we can still keep in touch. (Hadar) In the last summer I went to the sea with my family, my friend and I did a lot of fun in the pool and at home. In this summer I got a pet: a puppy and I lost him after the summer.
In this summer I'll go to Eilat with my friends: Eilat is a town in south Israel.
we''ll go to the sea and we'll live in the hotel.
In Israel it's very hot in the summer and one time I got burned in the sea.
Dear Brian, Amit is sick and he can't write to you now but you can keep in touch with him. I think that it was wonderful to meet another friend and Amit thinks that too. I have two picture one of me and one of Amit:
This is Hadar

and this is Amit

Brian can you give us your Email?
This is Hadar's Mail: hadaryatzkan@gmail.com

This is Amit's Mail: I will give you this Mail if you get to me your Mail.
We'll still write to you, have good luck in the tests' week and have fun in the summer.
Hadar Yatzkan & Amit Goldman. See you soon……

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