to Chase and Taylor from Gal- Week 4

2 years ago we were getting ready to go middle school but before that I turned 12 years old. We celebrated this because the tradition says we get to our maturity at the age of 12. .I had that summer great time because I had a huge party with all my friends ,family all of my cousins came even those from U.S.A I had a kind of camping trip with my best friends .It was great cause we were moving new house a bigger one . And that makes this summer so special.

In my bat mitzvah….

I think this summer will be great to because I'm going to meet my family from U.S.A again.. we will go the]
Dead sea, Tel Aviv , and more places we will travel a lot in Jerusalem and when they going to back I'm flying with them to U.S.A for about two weeks and when I get back school start again.

Because it’s the last time to chat with you I want to tell you that I had great time!!
It`s really fun to know other teens. So I hope we can keep in touch more time !! and I hope you will have great summer!!!
I really like you both and if you want to talk those are my details:
Facebook- galgul sellouk.
My email: galluush@gmail.com
And this is me now:
See you soon =]]]]]


  1. Hi Gal:
    This is Chase. Thank you for writing to me. I am going to have a great summer. I am going to California this summer to visit San Francisco and Yosemite.

    My favorite summer memory is when I beat my dad in basketball while we were on a cruise.
    Have a great summer.

  2. Hi Gal:
    This is Taylor. Over the summer I am going to go swimming a lot and hang out with all of my friends. We will go to Busch Gardens (a lot of roller coasters).

    My favorite summer memories are just having fun with my friends.

    Have a great summer in the USA