To our friends in Israel

This project has been very rewarding for all of us. The students had a great time getting to know you and especially learning that you were so much a like. Have a wonderful summer and we hope to reconnect again with all of you in the fall.

Lora Duncan


Time To Say Goodbye...

Hello Everyone,

This is our last week of this special project.

Today you will write about the summer vacation and say goodbye to your partners.

A. Summer Vacaction

  • Write about a memorable summer vacation:
  1. What did you do?

  2. What did you see?

  3. Who was with you?
  4. What was special about it?
  5. Add a relevant picture.
  • What are your plans for this summer vacation? (where? when? with who?)

B. Saying Goodbye...

It's time to say goodbye to your partner/s. Tell them what you think about your correspondence. You can attach your picture and give them your personal correspondence details (email, facebook etc.)

Have a great summer vacation!

Nadav And Ofer Week 4

Hi Andrew,
We liked to read your comment, but you didn't answer what Call Of Duty you are playing.
I (Nadav) didn't do anything last summer because I cannot go to work and make money.
I was at home most of the time but I went to many swimming pools and more.
I was alone in house sometimes with my brothers when they came back from the army.
And Ofer did the same things like me.
The special thing is the vacations abroad I (Nadav) went to Holland and Ofer went to the USA and stayed there a month.

We are going to work and get some money in this vacation.

It was fun to talk with you and we will be happy if you keep talking with us.
FaceBook: Nadav Ben-Hur
MSN: nadavbenhur@hotmail.co.il
Email: Ofer1901@walla.com

Week 4 Eitan

Hello everyone!
Today we will tell you about our last summer vacation.
My last vacation was in Greece, we went there by a ship.
We didn’t do anything special we just sailed and saw some ruins .
It was a little trip with my family.
This summer we want to fly to Europe and visit some countries
I hope we will get good time
Hope I will continue talking with you in my free time=]
If you want you can send me your facebook address or something ….

Dan and Tamir Week 4

Hello Brandon, ,
The summer vacation last year we went to a basketball camp in the North with our team. It was very fun and we practiced a lot and very hard.
After a few weeks we went to summer camp of scouts.
The summer camp is a week. We slept outside and we had a lot of fun.
This summer we want to go again to the summer camps.
We want to do a subscription to gym. And we want to work hard to next season of basketball
Have a good week or year,
Dan and Tamir

to Chase and Taylor from Gal- Week 4

2 years ago we were getting ready to go middle school but before that I turned 12 years old. We celebrated this because the tradition says we get to our maturity at the age of 12. .I had that summer great time because I had a huge party with all my friends ,family all of my cousins came even those from U.S.A I had a kind of camping trip with my best friends .It was great cause we were moving new house a bigger one . And that makes this summer so special.

In my bat mitzvah….

I think this summer will be great to because I'm going to meet my family from U.S.A again.. we will go the]
Dead sea, Tel Aviv , and more places we will travel a lot in Jerusalem and when they going to back I'm flying with them to U.S.A for about two weeks and when I get back school start again.

Because it’s the last time to chat with you I want to tell you that I had great time!!
It`s really fun to know other teens. So I hope we can keep in touch more time !! and I hope you will have great summer!!!
I really like you both and if you want to talk those are my details:
Facebook- galgul sellouk.
My email: galluush@gmail.com
And this is me now:
See you soon =]]]]]

Hadar & Amit (to Brian) Week 4

Hello Brian,
We're sorry that we didn't write last week, and now this is the last week to write to you. It was a little time to talk but we can still keep in touch. (Hadar) In the last summer I went to the sea with my family, my friend and I did a lot of fun in the pool and at home. In this summer I got a pet: a puppy and I lost him after the summer.
In this summer I'll go to Eilat with my friends: Eilat is a town in south Israel.
we''ll go to the sea and we'll live in the hotel.
In Israel it's very hot in the summer and one time I got burned in the sea.
Dear Brian, Amit is sick and he can't write to you now but you can keep in touch with him. I think that it was wonderful to meet another friend and Amit thinks that too. I have two picture one of me and one of Amit:
This is Hadar

and this is Amit

Brian can you give us your Email?
This is Hadar's Mail: hadaryatzkan@gmail.com

This is Amit's Mail: I will give you this Mail if you get to me your Mail.
We'll still write to you, have good luck in the tests' week and have fun in the summer.
Hadar Yatzkan & Amit Goldman. See you soon……

Avri and Yafit Week 4

Hello Courtney,
Avri's summer:
in last summer I went to Super- land Roller Coaster park]… there we went to the roller costar scared!!...
my parents walked to the sea and I stayed alone in the super land
this is the scariest thing I ever saw…
my plans for this summer are to buy new bike and learn Photoshop…
facebook: avri gileadi

Yafit's summer:
I spent my summer with my parents in the north .
I went to lake Kinneret [for us in Israel ' its like sea] .
I also rode horses and visited my family…

My plans for this summer are working and going to south and north Israel….
And maybe fly to California… .
Facebook: yafit bein

Massnger: yaflea@hotmail.com

week 4: Avishag and Adi

Hi Catie!
We would really like to visit Kennedy Space Center.We beat to our sisters and brothers.
We, Avishag and Adi, were in a hotel together, the "Princess" hotel in Eilat.We were in the dolphinarium and saw dolphins, and we went to the mall in Eilat.It was special because we were only two: Avishag and Adi.
Our plans for this summer vacation is to be in the swimming pool, and Avishag will fly to Holland
Avishag and Adi .

Time to say goodbye - Chen and Noa-Week 4

To Chase's and Taylor's friends ,
Chen: Its cool you have an animation class at school and you learn Photoshop there – I love Photoshop too.

To Chase and Taylor:
The summer vacation come and we need to say goodbye.
We enjoyed talking to you and we learned a lot about Florida and about you.
At this vacation we will go to the beach and swim in the sea.
We will go to Eilat (tourists' city in Israel), and make a lot of fun!
Last year we went to super land (it's a park like Disneyworld) with more friends. We rode on a roller coaster called 'the komba'. We made a lot of fun there. We wish we'll go to the super land also this year.

Keep in touch …

Noa's Email: Noayy@walla.com
Chen's Email: Chen2236@walla.com

Week 4, Itamar.

In my last summer vacation I went to Eilat to be in the "Dan" hotel.
I saw there a lot of swimming pools and a lot of nice people.
I drove with my family but my big brother didn't come because he was in the army and they didn't give him a vacation.
It was special because I bought a new phone there.
This summer vacation I plan to fly USA with my Dad and meet my uncle over there.

I want to say you good bye and this project was very exciting and I had fun.

Ido and Ofek week 4 to David

Dear David...
Hello David we're very sorry you didn't comment to us.
Last vacation I went to Eilat to Hotel together my family to 3 days.
I saw in Eilat shows and went to the sea. After my vacation I met with my friends to see movies.
I don’t have picture of my vacation.
My plans to this summer meet friends see movies and more and go to vacation to Tiberias.
David I think this correspondence is very important.
My Email:ido67830247@walla.com
Bye David.
My best vacation is two years ago when I went to Tiberias with my family to a week. I drove in sea motorcycle and read. After the vacation I met with my friends went to the mall and played football.

My next vacation will be to Manchester to see a football match.
When I come back to Israel I will go to the pool and the sea and meet with friends.
Yours Ofek.
My ICQ is 93792541.

week 4, Shani and Orit

In the last summer vacation we were in Aquatic Park called "Yamit 2000"with our families .
There we slid down in a lot of water slides. We had a good time.
We were also in Eilat. There we swam in the pool and in the sea. We were in the walkway and there we did shopping. We also were in the IMAX, a film theater in 3D.
It's special because it's very big and it looks real.

In the near summer we would like to drive to some places,to rest and to see television a lot.

The point is to do a lot of fun !

The project was very pleasant.

We know each other and about the life in Florida.

We hope you had pleasure too.

our emails:
good luck in the next year,
Orit & Shani

Inbar ashery and Noy Alfasi- week 4

This is our last comment, so we wanted to say goodbye.
We wanted to wish you a great summer vacation.
This is the last summer vacation of Noy:
I went to the: pool /sea/mall/hotels/movies/parties/I flew to France, Belgiumand and Holland.
I love the summer vacation because I don’t need to learn or get up early.

This is the last summer vacation of Inbar:
In my last summer vacation me and my family flew to Europe.
We were in Germany, Italy and Austria.
The trip was very enjoyable and I had a lot of fun.

In our next summer we would like to fly to the "summer school".
In the rest of summer vacation we would like to spend time with our friends.

If you have a facebook add us.

bay bay !

* Inbar is the person with the flower on the head.

*Noy is the person with the short pants.

Week 4 Yarden and Roni

We wanted to say goodbye!
That's our last comment ! We wanted to wish you a good summer vacation.
In our last vacation I [Roni] flew to western America, and Yarden flew to France .
We met new people around the world, and 2 of us visited in Disney World.
Our parents were with us in the trip.
It was special because we saw new cultures and we had a lot of fun.
The plans for this summer for us are to fly to China [Roni]
and go to Eilat with our families.

Our details:
Roni Laufer - the right photo .
Yarden zagory

week 4 Or and Eliad

Hello Brandon (13),
The summer vacations are very special,
Or's plans: We go to the pool and to the sea.
Every summer we and our friends go together to the pool, we have really good time to cool myself in the pool.
Every summer in Israel is really really hot! There is 45 Degrees!
That is very special because after the school we enjoy to cool ourselves at the pool.
This summer I plan to go like every year to the pool with my friends, I also plan to study and to complete material to the next year.



Eliad's plan:My plan to the summer is sleep at my friends from my old neighborhood
all the first week and after this week friends
From Boston will come to my home.


We'll be happy if you give us your email
Eliad: aakkss0@walla.com
Or: menortheking@walla.com
Have a great summer vacation!

Last Week !

Hello Noah Nate and Kem !
It’s the last time we talk to you .
You want to hear about our last summer vacation ?
Amit – I was in Cyprus and it was amazing ! You should visit there !
Everything is so cheap and pretty ! There are many swimming pools and you can get in there when ever you want ! I've been there with my family and we were in some hotel .. there are many beaches there ! You can sit all day in the sun !
The coolest thing is that they have nestea in Cans !! I don’t know how it is in U.S.A but here there isn't nestea cans!

Roni – I was in Greece and it was fun !
I was with family. We were there 2 weeks it was very hot! We were in the sea ,we did shopping and we bought many things.
I was in Eilat too. We were in a big hotel !
We were in the sea too and we did some water sports in there .

In this summer vacation ..
Amit – I'm going to do crazy things !
Maybe I'll go to visit Greece ' and I want to go to a summer school in England too ! and I wish I'm going to visit in U.S.A . I'm g
oing to stay at home with my friends and do nothing too ! And in the rest of summer vacation I'm going to hangout with my friends !

Roni – I do not know what I'm going to do, but maybe I'm going with my family to U.S.A. I am leaving with my friends Having fun together during the summer.
Soo we wish you would have fun summer vacation !I would like to keep in touch with you , here is my mail :amit­_online@walla.com


Week 3- May 17-May 22

Hello Everyone,

Here are today's tasks:

1. Read your partners' comments about your last post (go to your post and read the comment below).

2. Choose one interesting place/ site in Jerusalem which you recommend visiting.

Write the following information about the place/ site:

Name of place/ site
Where it is located
What you can do and see there
Why you recommend visiting this place
Add pictures to your post

Good Luck!

Avishag, Adi and Gal week 3 to James

Hi James!
How are you?
We like to play pranks to our brothers or sisters.
We recommended you to visit the Western Wall in the old city of Jerusalem (in the east of the city).
Western Wall is the only survivor from the Temple that Shlomo built.
You should visit the Western Wall because it is a holy place for us, all the Jews.
We go to the western wall at least twice a year.
A lots of people come there to pray and get luck and even to put a notes with their wishes. A lot of important people visit the western wall like Barak Obama.


Eitan and Idan week 3 to Glen and Amber

Hello, Glen /amber

Today we would like to write you about Teddy stadium.
It's a place next to Malha train/Malha Mall.
If you go there You can see A Huge building . :D
We Love This Place because it’s the stadium of Beiter the team we are fans of.
It is named after the long-time Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek.
we go ther every week to watch the soccer game
Good week :D

week 3:Inbar Ahery and Noy Alfasi to Jordan

Hello Ashley /Jordan !
We choose the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
In the Western wall people profitable notes , In the note we write wishes and greetings.
In the bar mitzvah the boys read the torah. The Bar mitzvah celebrate 13 years.
The western wall is located in east Jerusalem.
In the western wall we can see people worshiper and walles.
The western wall is survivor of the Temple.
we choose this place because it is very importent for us and we love to be in this place.
we are going to this place when we have a: bar mitzvaha and in Yom Kippur (a Jewish holiday).

week 3,Orit and Shani

The Mamila Mall in Jerusalem located in a street called ''Alrov'' near the old city.
In Mamila you can do shopping of clothes, food, shoes, jewelry and books.
You can see from Mamila the old walls and the ancient citadel both gleam against the dark sky.

We recommend visit this place; it is a very special place because it's in the open air.

Ido and Ofek Week 3 to David

Dear David…
Hello David it is me Ido. I'm very happy to write to you again…I don’t play soccer because I have a problem with my foot. Ofek plays soccer in the street with his friends.
We very recommend you to visit Teddy Stadium-this stadium of Baiter Jerusalem soccer team. We like this place because of our favorite team Baiter Jerusalem soccer.
Ido was 3 times in Teddy. And Ofek was 15 times
in Teddy 13 times in the league and 2 times in champion's league.
This is Stadium in Jerusalem and has in Teddy 21,500 place for people

Tamir and Dan week 3

How are you?
The place that we recommend to you to visit in Jerusalem is "Malcha" arena. It Is in "Malcha" neighborhood.
Is a basketball team is the arena of Hapoel Jerusalem
It's Dan's favorite team. The Uniform color of Hapoel is red and white.
We have good season this year. We don’t have losses in "Malcha" this season. Dan goes to all of the games. Now it is the final 4. It's two games: semi final and final. Hapoel lost to "Macabi Haifa Heat" in the semi final and now the game of the final is "Macabi Haifa Heat"-"Macabi Tel Aviv". "Macabi Tel Aviv" is Tamir's favorite team.

Week 3 Yafit

Down town

In the center of the city you can see a lot of people of different
Kinds from different countries who come to see\visit places in Jerusalem .
In the center you have many stores of junk food and clothes
And also music stores .
My favorite is 'Trend' and 'Sapir' .
In trend there's cool t shirts of bands and funny stuff.
Sapir is kind of music store , they sell guitars and guitar stuff and other music instruments…

Roni Laufer & Annael Ben Aharon week 3 to: Gabriella, Edwin, Micah & Anthony

Hi Edwin, Micah & Anthony !
We are happy to meet you.
What is the meaning of the sentence:
"Do you have 4 wheelers" ?....
The place we choose to recommend you
is the western wall (HaKote l HaMa'aravi.)

The only wall that lasted from the Second Temple period.
Is located in the
Old City of Jerusalem.
You can buy there a red bracelet – how's well known in the Kabala.
Every one that visits there puts notes with wishes in the wall. Most of the people celebrate their Bar- Mitzva there.
We recommend you this place because it is a important, Jewish religious site.

We will be very happy to see a picture of all of you.
Hope you will answer soon 1

Week 3 Chen and Noa to Chese and Taylor

Hii Chese
NOA: I like Linkin Park too! And I really want to play on electric guitar! My guitar teacher thinks I'll start playing it in the summer!
I think paintball is very cool, and I want to play it, but I hadn't played it. I hope I will play paintball in the summer vacation.

Hii Taylor
We think it's very cool you sing and dance in your school play "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" !
Chen: In my free time I like to design in Photoshop and draw.

the task
We chose the stalactite cave, because we think it is very beautiful place. You can see there stalactite that's made of sand on fall of the ceiling. The cave was made by the nature ( the rain made it ).

Week 3 Or and Eliad to Brandon (13)

Hello Brandon,
The Western Wall is a very interesting place.
The Western Wall is part of the Temple Structure of King Shlomo.
The Western Wall is the remnant of a wall supported the Temple Mount was built at the end of the Second Temple period.
Length is 57 meters and height 19 meters, but the full length of the Western Wall reaches -488 meters and height is estimated at -32 meters
We like this place because it is very important place in Israel.
Many people pray in the Kotel to god and put notes with wishes in the Kotel.
We go to there every year.

week 3 Amit and Roni to Ken and Noah \ Nate

Hello Ken and Noah !
We wanted to tell you about Malha Mall in Jerusalem .
Malha Mall (
Hebrew: Kanyon Malha), is an indoor shopping mall in the southwestern neighbourhood of Malha, Jerusalem . The anchor stores include international chains like Toys "R" Us, Office Depot, Zara and Super-Pharm, as well as regional stores like Mega, H&O, Hamashbir, Steimatzky and a Globus Group multiplex movie theatre and many other stores . The mall also has a post office, a synagogue, play areas for toddlers, an animal petting corner, and a food court. The mall is closed from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening out of respect for the Jewish Shabbat.
We chose malha mall because we spend there a lot of our time and buy there cool stuff and clothes . It's the biggest mall in Jerusalem and you should come here and visit there !

by the way ..

I'll be happy to see your pictures .. if you can send me one ..
this is me - Amit

Nadav and Ofer Week 3

Wow, this is exactly what we like to do; I (Nadav) am playing on Call Of Duty 4 and Ofer playing on Call Of Duty 5…
Which of these games you are playing?
And what is your player name?
We like to listen to rap, I like listening to old school and west coast rappers and Ofer like everything in rap and hip hop.
We want so much to play Air Soft but in Israel you need to be 16 years old, and we didn't try to play Paintball.
I played basketball 3 years and this year I quitted. (Nadav)
You have Skype or Messenger or ICQ for connection?

We recommend a very famous skate park in Jerusalem is called Gan Saker.
Gan Saker is located near the downtown this is a huge park with Skate Park and basket ball courts and a lot of field to play Football.
We recommend this site because it's a Skate Park for people that is skating and for playing games in the grass.



Week 2: 10.5.09-15.5.09- My Culture

Hello Everybody,

This week you will write a letter in which you introduce your culture.
Use the following topics and questions to help you build your letter.
(You must relate to question 1 and one more question from 2-3).

1. Describe the tour you had to Yad Va'shem Holocaust site and Mount Herzl:
· what the two sites are
· what you saw

· the connection between the two sites
· what part influenced / interested you the most

· what you think about visiting these sites.

2. Describe one Jewish holiday which you like:

· why it is celebrated
· how it is celebrated
· when it is celebrated
· how your family celebrates it
· why you like it.

3. Bar/Bat Mitzvah: Explain what it is and how you celebrated yours.


week 2 Amit and Roni (to Nate)

Hello Nate ,
How are you ? how in Florida ?
We don't like metal music . Amit prefer pop , and Roni like israeli music .
Sounds like you are a pretty boy .
Amit – I was playing a Guitar, but I stopped because it was boring.
Roni – I never play.

Last week, we were in Yad Va'shem Holocaust site and Mount Herzl . yad va'shem it's a Place the memory of the Holocaust. There are many Monument of people and children in there .
Mount herzl is a Cemetery for Soldiers that was killed in a war and Presidents.
There is a Connecting Path between the both places.
This two places are Located mount Against mount .
The most interesting place was mount Herzl. we think it's Important to visit in there because it's our history and we need to see it and remember it .

we like Purim.purim is a Jewish holiday , in purim we are Putting a costumes and go to school to see some anther costumes. It's like Halloween.we Celebrating purim because in this days our Community were Release from evil Haman.
In this holiday we eat ozznay haman , it's kind of Cookie.we like purim because we always putting costumes and it's funny.
Hope you give us an answer .

WEEK 2 - Hadar & Amit (to Brian )

Hello Brian!

We are (Amit and Hadar) very happy about your message and we are excited.
We live in Jerusalem. Amit is 13.5 years old in grade 8. He has brown hair and brown eyes and is 1.73 meters. Hadar is 14 years old in grade 8. He has brown hair and black eyes and is 1.62 meters. We like sports and especially basketball very much.
Yad Vashem is a Museum about people that died in the Holocaust.
In this place many of memories in the Holocaust, the most important place in our opinions is the Treblinka trainw wagon.
In this wagon there's one place for German one and a hundred Jews in a little wagon (of a train).
There is a museum for children in Yad Vashem and in the place they told the names of the children that died in the Holocaust, when you enter to the place it is very moving and you walk in the dark it's very moving.
In the next week Brian we are going to tell you about mount Herzel
Have a good week
Hadar and Amit.

Week Two Tamir and Dan (to Brandon 12)

Dear Brandon
HII How are you?
We are two, Dan and Tamir. Tamir is 1.76 cm black hear and brown eyes.
Dan is 1.77 cm blond hear and brown eyes.
One week ago we went to mount "Herzl" and "yad vashem".Mount "Herzl" is Walking distance from our school.
First we walk to Museum "Yad vashem" and we saw all of the Trees of people are non Jewish that helped to Jews that was at Holocaust. We saw a train that was in holocaust, in the train the Nazis take a lot of Jews and put them in the train. Many people Died of lack of air. It was very moving. After that we go to mount "Herzl" . this is Military Cemetery and The greatest nation of us country.. Tamir's uncle is buried there.

We will continue to write later

Week Two Annael and Roni (to Gabriela)

Hello Gabriela!

The tour we had to Yad Va'shem Holocaust site and Mount Herzl was very interesting and different but very difficult.
Yad Va'shem is a holocaust Museum. There you learn about what happened to the Jews in the world war 2 by the Nazis.
Mount Herzl is a huge mount named after the person who dreamed about the state of Israel – Benjamin Herzl and there he is buried. More, in the mount there is a cemetery of all the important people In the history of the state of Israel. For example : prime ministers and soldiers in the army, who died in all the Israeli wars.
We were in the cemetery, we cried a lot because we know that all these people died for us and for our country . Part of us learned about the history of our family in the holocaust.
The connection between the two sites is that two of the sites are the past of the Jewish people and the Mount is the future too. They make us remember and never forget what happen to our nation.
The part that influenced us the most was the mount, because still soldiers die in wars, and there buried our school graduates .
We think visiting these sites is very important ,because you need to learn about our history.

Our favorite Jewish holiday is Purim!
Purim is celebrated because a bad man , in the Persian Empire wanted to kill the Jews in the empire and we finally saved.
It is celebrated in the way that all the people wear costumes to school and work.
Purim is celebrated in Adar month [ march].
We Like this holiday because there is no school !

Week 2, Nadav And Ofer (to Andrew)

Hi Andrew,
we liked to read your letter.
And for your question, we are bikers but we like to watch it on extreme channel or in Skaters Park.
We would like to know what music you're listening to.

Yad Va'shem is a place to remember all the people that was killed in the holocaust.
Mount Herzl is a Graveyard for Presidents of Israel and senior military persons, many soldiers that killed in Israeli wars and people that killed from terror actions and there we celebrating the birthday of the country.
In Yad Va'shem we didn't see too much because we can't get in to the holocaust museum but we listen to the kid that missing from the war.

Gal, Chen and Noa Week 2 (to Taylor and Chase)

Hi Taylor and Chase!
you sound really cool kids !!
Chase , we all like guitar. Which guitar do you play? And what music do you like?
Taylor, we like animals, and Gal has a dog too. We think its very cool that you have 5 birds!
And like you we hate math too (everybody does!?)

Yad Va'shem is a museum that is a memorialization the Holocaust. You can see there pictures and things from the Holocaust. It's very interesting. We saw there a room for all the kids who died in the holocaust. Its very special room because there's only 5 candles but there's a lots of mirrors and they make it look like there's a million candles (each candle commemorates every kid). The intresting site was a tree stem in which Jewish people were hiding during the war. This sites are very important and very moving.
Mount Herzl is cemetery for very important persons like presidents , soldiers , prime ministers and of course herzl - prophet of the State. In mount Herzl we saw tombs of important people. The connection between mount Herzl is the change between the two ages the holocaust and the independence of Israel. The most interesting was the tomb of Herzl .

Week 2 task-Orit and Shani (to Tim)

Hello Tim,
How are you?
We read your letter, and we would like to know how the life in Florida is.
You are a very interesting boy, and we think we have a lot in common.
The tour we had to Yad Va'shem Holocaust site and Mount Herzl:
Yad Va'shem Holocaust - museum that commemorate the Holocaust.
Mount Herzl- The national cemetery of Israel, buried the leaders of the Zionists movement, and the leaders of Israel country.
We saw monuments of people who sacrificed their life for Israel (in Mount Herzl), and trees that symbolize the Righteous Gentiles (in Yad Va'shem). And we saw statues of important people.
The connection between the 2 sites is that in the trail of the Holocaust people understood that the only solution to the Jews is a country of Jews.
The interesting part in the tour was reconstruction of a train wagon, by it the Germans delivered Jews to the death camp.
The tour was very exciting and sad. It was a learning experience.

week 2 Eitan and Idan (to Amber)

First: we would like to know where do you live?
What the exactly date of birthday :D because Idan was born in July too.
Another question do you have Face Book?

And for your question Idan Is Playing Soccer and Climbing walls and Eitan is High Jumping and he Is number 2 in all Israel for our ages :D

-the two sites of Yad Vashem the museum of the Holocaust and Mount Hertzel

Mount of hertzel it Mount the hertzel the one who dreamed about the JEWish country that called Israel..and now he's burried in this mount.
The yad vashem museum is the museum of the Holocaust that commemorates the Holocaust.
We saw the site and a lot monuments that commemorates the people how died in the holocaust….
The memory of the history of the Jewish people -we think the connections of this two sites is
The memory and the history of the Israel country and
Jewish people.

I think it very important to visit this two sites us Jew and Some one that live in Israel…
That’s for now hope for continue chatting :D

week 2 Itamar and Amit (to Stephen)

Hello Stephen, How are you today?
Thank you for writing for us.

In the last month we visited Yad Ya'shem and Mount Herzel. In Mount Herzel there are graves are very important mans, and memorial sites. In Yad Va'shem there is a lot of Memory sites of people in the war died.
We saw a lot of graves of people that died and things are were happen to Jewish people.
The connection between the two sites is war and the holocaust are people is the wars buried there and have memorial sites there.
We think about visiting these sites that it very important and every Israeli need to visit there because its our history of our people.

The Jewish holiday I most like (Itamar) is Hanukah, we celebrate it by that we light candles and eat donut.
Itamar and Amit.

Avishag and Adi, week 2 (to Catie)

Hi Catie!
How are you?
We hope everything's OK.
Thank you for writing about yourself.

We went to Mount Herzl and Yad Va'shem Holocaust. Mount Herzl is place that buried at him important people. Yad Va'shem Holocaust is place that there are things from the Holocaust' like a books or diaries.
In Mount Herzl we saw graves of soldiers that died in war, and in Yad Va'shem Holocaust museum we saw part of train that the Germans lead in them Jews to their death.
In the two places we saw the grave of Herzl,soldiers' graves and things from the Holocaust.
The connection between the two sites is that the two places, the train from the Holocaust and the grave of Herzl, connected to Israel and her history.
The place that interesting us was the graves of the soldiers in Mount Herzl. It was difficult to see it.
The sites were very beautiful.

Bat Mitzvah is event that young girls celebrate we are independent. We celebrate it when we are 12 years old.

Week 2 Avri, Yarden and Yafit (to Hannah and Courtney)

Hello Hannah and Courtney .

We want to know you more…
By the way Hannah. You have an Israeli name .

I'm Yafit and I will tell you a bit about myself because I didn't write last week .
I play guitar too and I also love rock and metal =]

Last week we went to the hertzel mountain and the holocaust museum it was sad …

In yad veshame it was sad…
We saw a train to the getto
We walked in the path between Resistance and Holocaust… we think this is an important thing for remember the 6 million Jews … who were killed by the Nazis.
In Hertzl Mountain we saw Herzel's Tomb and the rehersals to the 61 Independence Day of Israel .
In Hertzel Mount are Buried important Government people and Soldiers who died in Israel wars .
The most important thing is the yad vesham because the 6 million jews who died just becusa they was jew and the crazi numbers 6 million!!!
Keep in touch
Avri Yafit Yarden

Week Two- Inbar Ashery and Noy Alfasi (to Jordan)

Hello Jordan!
We were happy to read your post.
The two sites are:*1)
Mount Herzl and Yad Va'shem Holocaust site.
Mount Herzl is a cemetery of soldiers that died in wars.
We saw:
Graves of soldiers, Prime ministers, Herzl's grave.
In mount Herzl do all the ceremony of Independence day.
Yad va'shem is a museum of the holocaust. *
We saw:
Names of kids that were murdered.-
Wagon that take people to extermination camp.-
Candles with the numbers of the kids that lost.-
*The connection between the two sites is:
They are both sites that a lot of people come to visit there in the Remembrance day.
The part that interesting us the most is:*
Yad va'shem.
*We think that visit in this places is very important to know about our history.
3) Bat mitzvah:
We celebrate bat mitzvah in 12 years old.
We do the bat mitzvah in club or hall. We do the bat mitzvah as a party to celebrate the adolescence.

week 2 Or and Eliad (to Brandon 13)

Hello Brandon,
We are not racists and we too have brown hair. We love video games very much.
The two sites are a cemetery of Soldiers from the wars of Israel.
We saw the grave of Herzl the dreamer of our State and other graves of soldiers.
And we saw the train wagon of death riding it the way people died in the holocaust
The Holocaust is very sad and every year we have Holocaust Memorial Day.
The holocaust is very interesting day to learn about the people in the holocaust.
I think about the holocaust it's very sad and is very important to visit those places.

we chose to talk about New Year holiday.
We celebrate the new year, we eat apple and honey for the year will be as sweet as an apple with honey.
We like to celebrate the New Year and to party.
Keep in touch!

week 2 Ido and Ofek (to David)

Dear David
We read your letter about yourself it was very interesting.
Ido wasn't in Yad Va'shem tour because he has a problem with his foot.
The two places we were in are mount Herzel and yad va'shem. We saw the grave of Herzl and train of partizn. The connection between the two places is both talk about the holocaust and Herzel he dreamed about the state of Israel. In mount Herzel we have a lot of soldiers and president of Israel. In Yad Va'shem we have a museum about the holocaust.
The influenced part in the tour is the Herzel tomb because we learned about him in the class.
I think this sites is very important to the Jewish history.
The Jewish holiday I like is purim. because people to another people dress up or a famous people my family celebrate him in Tel-Aviv every year we go to my uncles.
My family celebrate my bar mitzvah in my increase in the torah and than we go to restaurant.
Yours Ofek.
Hello David, it is me do
I wasn't in the tour to Yad va'shem because I have problem on my foot.
My family like the holiday Hanukkah because we light candles and eat donut.
My bar mitzvah celebrated big event with all my friends and family.
Yours Ido.


Week One From Florida

May 7, 2009
Dearest Students in Israel:
I am thrilled that my students are being offered this exciting opportunity! Every one of my students (all 53 of them) wanted to participate, so I had each of them fill out a questionnaire, answering this week’s topics. After careful consideration I have chosen the following responses. We hope you know that there is a group of students in Florida that are anxiously awaiting your reply and your friendship.
Best Regards,
Lora Duncan

My name is Gabriela. I will be 13 in July. I am in 7th grade and I am a girl. I have dark brown eyes, and very curly (frizzy) hair. I’m African American. I live with my mom, dad and little brother. I don’t like any sports besides swimming. I love music. I am very quiet in class, but outside some people can never get me to stop talking. I am anxious to learn about your culture.

My name is Amber. I am 13 and in 7th grade. I am a girl. I have straight, blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. I live with my Mom, Dad and sister. I like soccer, basketball, shopping, track and singing. I don’t like scary movies, snakes or spiders. I want to know if you like the same sports.

My name is David. I am 13 and in the 7th grade. I am a boy. I have blue eyes, and short black hair. I live with my mother, father, and younger brother. I like to play soccer, read and build things. I am a nice guy, tolerant, smart and sort of athletic. I don’t like lazy people. I hope to learn more about your daily lifestyle and your heritage.
My name is Chase. I am 13 and in 7th grade. I am a boy. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I was born in the state of Virginia. I live with my mom, dad and brother. I like to play the guitar, basketball, football and soccer. I am tall and athletic. I am wondering how life is in Israel and how it is different from my life in America.

My name is Andrew. I am in 7th grade and I am 13 years old. I am a boy. I have dark hair and dark eyes and I am very tan. I am Italian and Scottish (because of my parents) but I was born in the USA. I like sports a lot and my favorite food is Japanese sushi. I don’t like guacamole, but I love Mexican food. I want to know if you skateboard in Israel. After school I like to skateboard.

Hi! My name is Taylor. I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade. I am a girl. My eyes are brown and my hair is brown. I was born in Florida and I live with my mom and dad and little sister and little brother. I have a dog and 5 birds. I don’t like math and I love to sing and dance. My friends are fun to be around. I look forward to learning about you.

Hello! My name is Hannah. I am turning 13 years old in June. I am in 7th grade and I am a girl. I am a Christian and I go to a great church. I have hazel eyes and blonde hair. I was born in Florida. I have a wonderful and caring family. I love to play soccer but I do not like getting up early. I am looking forward to learning more about you.

I’m Nate. I’m 12 years old. I’m in 7th grade and I am a boy. I have bright blue eyes and long, straight hair. I am quite skinny. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, which is north of Florida. I have a mom and dad and brothers and sisters. I like death metal music, and I don’t like rap. I would like to know what kind of instruments you play.
Hi. My name is Stephen. I am in 7th grade and I am a boy. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I was born in Athens Greece, but I moved to America when I was 2. I live with my mom, brother and 3 sisters.

Hello. My name is Taryn. I am 14 years old and in 7th grade. I am a girl with light skin brown hair, brown eyes and I wear glasses. I was born in Oklahoma, USA. I live with my mom, dad, brother and sister. I have 5 cats. I like Italian food, my friends and books. I play guitar and sing. I am trustworthy and a good friend. I am a tomboy and not very coordinated.

Hi. My name is Hannah V. I am 13 years old and I am in the 7th grade. I am a girl. I have brown hair and brown eyes. When I was a baby, I had blonde hair. I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I live with my mom, dad and 4 sisters and brothers. I have 4 birds and 2 dogs and 1 bunny. The bunny and 2 birds are mine. I like Tinkerbell, penguins and a lot of things. I like to sing and to ice skate. Do you ice skate in Israel?

Hi, my name is Catie. I am 13 years old and in the 7th grade. I am a girl. I have blonde hair and green eyes. I am 5’5” and I was born in Florida. I am adopted and my family is really nice. I like soccer and I dislike baseball. I like people who are nice and not people who are not nice.
My name is Brandon. I am 12 years old and in 7th grade. I am male. I have blue eyes, blond hair and a small nose. I am 5’4” tall and I wear a size 11 shoe, which is big for my age. I was born in Florida and I have 2 brothers, one is younger and one is older. I also have 2 sisters. I like football and soccer. I don’t like bullying. I have a lot of friends and I don’t make fun of people. I am looking forward to hearing about all of the things you do at your school.

My name is Jordan. I am 13 years old and in the 7th grade. I am a female with blond hair and green eyes. I was born in Florida. I live with my mom, dad and little brother. I like to read, ride bikes and play basketball. I don’t like homework. I also enjoy acting. I would like to know many things from you and look forward to reading your blogs.

Hi, my name is Tim. I am 13 years old. I will be 14 in November. I am in 7th grade. I am a boy. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am white and my hair is short. I was born in Florida. I live with my mom, dad, and two sisters. I like soccer and sports. I don’t like school and math. I am competitive when I play sports and I am a Christian. I hope to find out the differences and similarities between us.

My name is Brian. I am 13. I am in 7th grade and I am a boy. I am dark tan or brown, really, really dark brown. My hair is short and black. I was born in Puerto Rico. I live with my mom, dad, sister and brother. I love sports and I hate math.

Hi. My name is Brandon. I am 13 years old. I am in the 7th grade and I am a boy. I have dark brown eyes and hair. I was born in Florida. My family is my dad, mom, and brother Andrew, my grandma, my grandpa, my uncle, my aunt and my 3 cousins. I like video games and hate racists. I am very skillful at many things.

Hello. My name is Courtney. I am 13 years old and I am a girl. I am a metal head, which means I like rock metal music. I love music and I’m very artistic. I was born in Florida. My family was born in other countries like Scotland and the UK. I like to play guitar, write music and practice with my band. I want to know how you live and what you do.


Introduction- May 3- May 5 2009

Welcome to the CultureQuest Project. Ms. Hilla Krausz from Jerusalem, Israel and Ms. Lora Duncan from Port Lucie, Florida are partners in this project.. The students will share information about themselves during this project. Dr. Sheila Gersh is coordintating the US side of the project. Ms. Orit Parnafes is coordinating this project in Israel.

Welcome to the first task of the teens culturequest,

This week you will write a letter in which you will introduce yourself to your partners.

Here are the details you will include in your letter:

-my appearance (colour of eyes, hair etc.)
-I was born in
-likes and dislikes
-my qualities
-what kind of people I like/don't like
-my expectations of this project
-what I'd like to know about my partner

Don't forget to write your names at the top of your comment.

Good Luck!