Dan and Tamir Week 4

Hello Brandon, ,
The summer vacation last year we went to a basketball camp in the North with our team. It was very fun and we practiced a lot and very hard.
After a few weeks we went to summer camp of scouts.
The summer camp is a week. We slept outside and we had a lot of fun.
This summer we want to go again to the summer camps.
We want to do a subscription to gym. And we want to work hard to next season of basketball
Have a good week or year,
Dan and Tamir

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  1. Hi From Michael:
    Brandon is not here today. This summer I am not going on vacation but I will be going to the beach a lot and swimming. I am getting a basketball hoop soon and will practice a lot.

    My favorite summer memory is when first rode a roller coaster. It was Quaxi at Busch Gardens. I will have a lot of fun this summer and I hope you will too. Good luck with basketball.