Nadav And Ofer Week 4

Hi Andrew,
We liked to read your comment, but you didn't answer what Call Of Duty you are playing.
I (Nadav) didn't do anything last summer because I cannot go to work and make money.
I was at home most of the time but I went to many swimming pools and more.
I was alone in house sometimes with my brothers when they came back from the army.
And Ofer did the same things like me.
The special thing is the vacations abroad I (Nadav) went to Holland and Ofer went to the USA and stayed there a month.

We are going to work and get some money in this vacation.

It was fun to talk with you and we will be happy if you keep talking with us.
FaceBook: Nadav Ben-Hur
MSN: nadavbenhur@hotmail.co.il
Email: Ofer1901@walla.com

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  1. Hi Nadav And Ofer:
    I am going away this summer for 3 weeks to visit the Grand Canyon in Phoenix and then drive to California. Other than that I am going to visit friends, play video games, eat a lot and hang out. My favorite summer vacation memory was when we went to San Francisco and we were walking across the Golden Gate Bridge and my mom's sunglasses flew off of her in the wind and I went to run to grab them but we watched them fall to the water below instead.

    Have a great summer.