To our friends in Israel

This project has been very rewarding for all of us. The students had a great time getting to know you and especially learning that you were so much a like. Have a wonderful summer and we hope to reconnect again with all of you in the fall.

Lora Duncan


Time To Say Goodbye...

Hello Everyone,

This is our last week of this special project.

Today you will write about the summer vacation and say goodbye to your partners.

A. Summer Vacaction

  • Write about a memorable summer vacation:
  1. What did you do?

  2. What did you see?

  3. Who was with you?
  4. What was special about it?
  5. Add a relevant picture.
  • What are your plans for this summer vacation? (where? when? with who?)

B. Saying Goodbye...

It's time to say goodbye to your partner/s. Tell them what you think about your correspondence. You can attach your picture and give them your personal correspondence details (email, facebook etc.)

Have a great summer vacation!

Nadav And Ofer Week 4

Hi Andrew,
We liked to read your comment, but you didn't answer what Call Of Duty you are playing.
I (Nadav) didn't do anything last summer because I cannot go to work and make money.
I was at home most of the time but I went to many swimming pools and more.
I was alone in house sometimes with my brothers when they came back from the army.
And Ofer did the same things like me.
The special thing is the vacations abroad I (Nadav) went to Holland and Ofer went to the USA and stayed there a month.

We are going to work and get some money in this vacation.

It was fun to talk with you and we will be happy if you keep talking with us.
FaceBook: Nadav Ben-Hur
MSN: nadavbenhur@hotmail.co.il
Email: Ofer1901@walla.com

Week 4 Eitan

Hello everyone!
Today we will tell you about our last summer vacation.
My last vacation was in Greece, we went there by a ship.
We didn’t do anything special we just sailed and saw some ruins .
It was a little trip with my family.
This summer we want to fly to Europe and visit some countries
I hope we will get good time
Hope I will continue talking with you in my free time=]
If you want you can send me your facebook address or something ….

Dan and Tamir Week 4

Hello Brandon, ,
The summer vacation last year we went to a basketball camp in the North with our team. It was very fun and we practiced a lot and very hard.
After a few weeks we went to summer camp of scouts.
The summer camp is a week. We slept outside and we had a lot of fun.
This summer we want to go again to the summer camps.
We want to do a subscription to gym. And we want to work hard to next season of basketball
Have a good week or year,
Dan and Tamir

to Chase and Taylor from Gal- Week 4

2 years ago we were getting ready to go middle school but before that I turned 12 years old. We celebrated this because the tradition says we get to our maturity at the age of 12. .I had that summer great time because I had a huge party with all my friends ,family all of my cousins came even those from U.S.A I had a kind of camping trip with my best friends .It was great cause we were moving new house a bigger one . And that makes this summer so special.

In my bat mitzvah….

I think this summer will be great to because I'm going to meet my family from U.S.A again.. we will go the]
Dead sea, Tel Aviv , and more places we will travel a lot in Jerusalem and when they going to back I'm flying with them to U.S.A for about two weeks and when I get back school start again.

Because it’s the last time to chat with you I want to tell you that I had great time!!
It`s really fun to know other teens. So I hope we can keep in touch more time !! and I hope you will have great summer!!!
I really like you both and if you want to talk those are my details:
Facebook- galgul sellouk.
My email: galluush@gmail.com
And this is me now:
See you soon =]]]]]

Hadar & Amit (to Brian) Week 4

Hello Brian,
We're sorry that we didn't write last week, and now this is the last week to write to you. It was a little time to talk but we can still keep in touch. (Hadar) In the last summer I went to the sea with my family, my friend and I did a lot of fun in the pool and at home. In this summer I got a pet: a puppy and I lost him after the summer.
In this summer I'll go to Eilat with my friends: Eilat is a town in south Israel.
we''ll go to the sea and we'll live in the hotel.
In Israel it's very hot in the summer and one time I got burned in the sea.
Dear Brian, Amit is sick and he can't write to you now but you can keep in touch with him. I think that it was wonderful to meet another friend and Amit thinks that too. I have two picture one of me and one of Amit:
This is Hadar

and this is Amit

Brian can you give us your Email?
This is Hadar's Mail: hadaryatzkan@gmail.com

This is Amit's Mail: I will give you this Mail if you get to me your Mail.
We'll still write to you, have good luck in the tests' week and have fun in the summer.
Hadar Yatzkan & Amit Goldman. See you soon……